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5. THIS BLOWS Challenge: Each player has one minute to blow up a balloon and then use the air that’s inside of it to knock 15 cups off the edge of a table. Supplies: 30 Solo brand (or sturdy) plastic cups (15 for each player), 2 balloons • Cups are arranged in two lines (one in front of each player) on a long table • Players stand opposite the cups and have one minute to blow up their balloon and use the air in it to blow each cup off the table • Players can blow up the balloon as many times as they need to • Player to knock all the cups off the table first, wins 6. MINI MARSHMALLOWS Challenge: Each player has one minute to see how many marshmallows they can transfer from one plate to another with the suction from the straw and no hands. This is perfect for small kids. Supplies: Two straws, two plates, and a bag of mini marshmallows. • Place a mound of marshmallows on a paper plate in front of each player • Players must inhale into the straw and pick up a marshmallow without their hands and place it onto the empty plate • Whoever has the most marshmallows transferred when time is up, wins • This works well with M&Ms or small fish crackers 7. OVEN MITT RACE Challenge: See how many Hershey’s kisses each player (wearing oven mitts) can unwrap before the minute is over. Supplies: 4 oven mitts, two paper plates, and a bag of Hershey kisses • Place a handful of Hershey kisses on a plate and a set of oven mitts in front of each player (two sets) • When time begins, each player races to put their oven mitts on and attempts to unwrap as many Hershey kisses before time is up 8. STACK IT UP Challenge: Using only one hand, players must move 25 pennies into a single stack in under a minute. Supplies: 50 pennies • Place a pile of 25 pennies in front of each player • Players must stack as many pennies as they can in 60 seconds, using only one hand 9. SCOOP IT UP Challenge: With their hands behind their backs, players must move ping pong balls from one bowl to another using a spoon held in their mouth. The first one to successfully move six ping pong balls wins. Supplies: 12 ping pong balls, two spoons, four bowls • Players stand in front of two bowls each (one full of 6 ping pong balls and the other empty) • Players are given a spoon to put into their mouth and without using their hands, they must transfer one bowl of ping pong balls to the other • First player to transfer them all, wins 10. STUFF IT Challenge: Fit as many marshmallows into their mouth as possible Supplies: A bag of regular size marshmallows and two plates • Each player is given a mound of marshmallows on a plate • Players attempt to fit as many marshmallows into their mouth as possible in 60 seconds • The player with the most marshmallows in their mouth, wins